The Half


Human Rights / Cyprus Premiere / Documentary

Director: H.Haluk Arus, Elmas Arus / Turkey / 2010 / 60m / Language: Turkish / Subtitle: English / Selection: 2014 9 Isci FF 2010 21 Ankara IFF, 47 Golden Orange FF, 3 Ege Belgesel F Günleri, Filmreihe Tüpisch Türkisch, 11 Cinema Mediterraneen, Documentarist, 29 I Istanbul FF, 4 Rolling FF

According to an old saying, there are seventy-two nations in the world and the Gypsies (Roma) constitute the “seventy-two and a half“ nation of the world. Haluk Arus and his wife Elmas Arus (who is also of Roma origin) documentary The Half is a comprehensive film about Gypsies of 38 cities in seven different regions of Turkey. Gypsies from all over Turkey, the Roms, Loms, Doms recount their lives, cultural differences, social compositions, traditions, contradictions and also their social, cultural and economic deadlocks.

Show Timings & Shows Details

Tuesday 11th November
Kaymaklı Lemar Cineplex
Sunday 9th November
Home For Cooperation (Buffer Zone)