Hitler‘s Children / Yaldey Hitler

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Human Rights / Cyprus Premiere / Documentary

Director: Chanoch Ze‘evi / Germany, Israel / 2012 / 80m / Languages: German, English, Hebrew / Subtitles: German, English / Cast: Bettina Göring, Katrin
Himmler, Monika Göth, Rainer Hoess, Niklas Frank Selection: 2013 Vancouver IFF, Rio De Janeiro IFF 2012 Thessaloniki IFF, One World IFF, Input, Moscow IFF, Vilnius IFF, Dok Fest IFF, Warsaw IFF, Best of Input 2011 IDFA Awards: 2013 (Best Doc) Jewish Motifs IFF / RTS 2012 (Audience) the Boston Jewish FF, Prix Europa

Hitler’s Children is a film about the descendants of the most powerful figures in the Nazi regime, men and women who were left a legacy that permanently associates them with one of the greatest crimes in history. Their family names alone evoke horror: Himmler, Frank, Goering, Hoess. What is it like for them to have grown up with a name that immediately raises images of murder and genocide? For more then sixty years, they have lived in the shadows, trying to rebuild their lives without the constant reminders of what their fathers and grandfathers once did. Only now are they willing to bare the scars of their awful legacy. Only now are they ready to tell their story. How can they protect their families, even as they pass their name down to future generations? In Hitler’s Children we not only hear their stories. We witness their rapprochement, many years later, despite all the hurdles. We are there as they glare accusingly at each other, pour their hearts out, and conclude that the time has come for them to finally move on.

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Saturday 8th November
Eastern Mediterranean University
Tuesday 11th November
Mağusa Lemar Cineplex
Friday 7th November
Goethe Institute