Code name Venus


Cyprus Cinema

Director: Tamer Garip / UK, Turkey, Cyprus / 2012 / 90m / Languages: English, Turkish / Subtitle: English / Cast: Jolie Myatt, Cengiz Bozkurt, Jonny Lee Kemp, Serhat Harman
Venus is Cyprus. Cyprus is Venus. This is the untold story of the tragedy of Cyprus based on real events. Venus came to find the truth about her parents‘ disappearance in her childhood home of Cyprus years ago. What begins as a personal journey starts a secret odyssey that will lead her closer to unearthing Cyprus‘s tragic and hidden history. But in a land so deeply divided, how far will Venus go for a country that is not her own? Where hell and paradise meet.

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Thursday 13th November
Mağusa Lemar Cineplex
Monday 10th November
Girne Lemar Cineplex
Friday 7th November
Kaymaklı Lemar Cineplex