Season of Mists

Poster with Marina and Sasha (Russian)

UK Cinema / Cyprus Premiere

Director: Anna Chernakova / Russia, UK / 2009 / 98m / Languages: Russian, English / Subtitle: English / Cast: Marina Bleyk, Ifan Huw Dafydd, Sergey
Chonishvili, Dudley Sutton, Larissa Panchenko, Larissa Panchenko, Heather Chasen, Eve Pearce, Janet Henfrey, Yuriy Nifontov, Aleksander Myakushko, Barry Shannon, Chris Jury, Daya Smirnova, Vladimir Pavlov / Awards: 2009 (Grand Prix, Best Actor) 3 Russkoye Zarubezhye IFF, (Young Producer) Cut F 2008 (Best Actress) XVI Kinoshok FF, (Outstanding Achievement, Best Actress) Faithful Heart FF

Marina, a forty-something Russian woman, has lived in England with her husband Gregory for seven years. Marina met Gregory when he came to Russia to support his favourite football team. Marina moved to England with Gregory and her five-year-old daughter in the hope to find happiness. Previously a journalist, she now works as a hairdresser and writes for the parish magazine. Gregory loves her, and her daughter seems to flourish in a privateschool, but Marina doesn‘t feel happy with her life. The feeling increases when she goes to meet an old friend, Valentina. Valentina has become a successful writer and Marina asks herself whether she could write books in Russian. An encounter with a baroque quartet from Moscow and an unexpected love interest in the second violinist, Sasha, who has also become dissatisfied with his life, opens up more questions for Marina. After he goes back to Moscow, Marina struggles to forget him.

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Show Timings & Shows Details

Friday 7th November
Eastern Mediterranean University
Thursday 13th November
Kaymaklı Lemar Cineplex
Sunday 9th November
Girne Lemar Cineplex