Secret Sharer

Secret Sharer QUAD

UK Cinema / Cyprus Premiere

Director: Peter Fudakowski / UK, Poland, China, Thailand / 2014 / 103m / Languages: Mandarin, English / Subtitle: English / Cast: Jack Laskey, Zhu Zhu, Ching-ting Hsia, Leon Dai, Si Qin Chao Ke Tu / Selection: 2014 Istanbul FF, Munich FF, Karlovy Vary Awards: 2014 Social Awareness 2013 I Movietrailer

A sea captain’s future is transformed as he encounters mutiny, adventure and a beautiful fugitive in this romantic thriller set during a voyage to Shanghai. Inspired by the Joseph Conrad novella, Secret Sharer is a contemporary romantic thriller set on the South China Sea. The sea captain (Jack Laskey) is bribed by a ship owner to scuttle his first command, a rusting cargo ship on its way to Shanghai, for an insurance scam. His inscrutable Chinese crew are suspicious from the outset and temporarily abandon ship leaving the captain completely alone on board. That night, while waiting anxiously on deck, he spies a body floating in the sea. He discovers the body is that of a young Chinese woman – thankfully still alive. Against his better judgement, the young captain allows Li (Zhu Zhu) to take shelter in his cabin. Dawn comes a few hours later and so does a search party, looking for a murderer.

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Show Timings & Shows Details

Thursday 13th November
Mağusa Lemar Cineplex
Monday 10th November
Kaymaklı Lemar Cineplex
Wednesday 12th November
Le Chateau Lambousa
Friday 7th November
Girne Lemar Cineplex