The Pursuit of Ancestry Tracks


Cyprus Cinema / World Premiere / Documentary

Director: Ferhat Atik / Cyprus / 2014 / 60m
Language: Turkish / Subtitle: English

A documentary that introduces 30 monuments and the traces of the Ottoman Empire which contributed its pain and suffering to Cyprus in its recent past. ‘History’ is formed when we string together an accumulation of the slices of life we witness over generations. Despite the populous of the various civilisations it has witnessed, with every departure, loss and abandonment, Cyprus has accrued a history of its own solitary fate. As time flies, it leaves behind remnants of the truth that people do not own lands. Alongside its monuments, this documentary depicts the culture and the heritage of the Ottoman Empire that ruled Cyprus for three centuries.

Show Timings & Shows Details

Wednesday 12th November
Kaymaklı Lemar Cineplex
Monday 10th November
Mağusa Lemar Cineplex