Little Happiness


Women / Cyprus Premiere

Director: Nihat Seven / UK, Turkey / 2014 / 116m / Language: Turkish / Subtitle: English / Cast: Hakan Yufkacıgil, Mehtap Anıl, Bora Cengiz, Nil Günal, Murat Muslu, Ahmet Özarslan, Atilla Peköz, Erdoğan Tutkun, Erdem Yılmaz Selected for the Oscars Foreign Language Award & BAFTA Selection of the British Entry Selection: Marche Du F Awards: (Best Actor: Hakan Yufkacigil, Best Supporting Actor: Ahmet Ozaslan) Golden Orange FF

Unwilling to be forced apart, a young Turkish couple must elope in order to escape her disapproving family but soon find their new life is not the idyll they had expected. Short of money and with a new baby to provide for, their relationship becomes strained. As pressure mounts the couple is forced to examine the choices they made for love and face the consequences of their devotion.

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Show Timings & Shows Details

Wednesday 12th November
Mağusa Lemar Cineplex
Saturday 8th November
Girne Lemar Cineplex
Friday 7th November
Kaymaklı Lemar Cineplex