Journeys / Cyprus Premiere

Director: Rick Ostermann / Germany, Lithuania / 2013 / 98m / Languages: German, Litvanyaca / Subtitle: English / Cast: Levin Liam, Helena Phil

Selection: Venice FF, Chicago IFF, Fice Tre Venezie, Malatya IFF, Tertio Millenio FF, Max Ophüls F, Vilnius Goethe Institut, The Prague IFF Febiofest, Vilnius IFF, Lichter IFF Frankfurt, National Cinema Museum Turin, Bozner Filmtage, Trondheim IFF, Neisse FF, F des dt. Films Ludwigshafen, F des dt. Films Madrid, F des dt. Films Barcelona, Valencia IFF Cinema Jove, F des dt. Films Buenos Aires Awards: (The Bridge) German Films

Set in a former East Prussian village occupied by the Soviets in 1946. 12-year-old Hans and his 9-year-old brother Karl lose their mother to starvation after a harsh winter. Before she dies his mother asks Hans to take care of his younger brother, Karl. Although Hans is less capable of coping with the upcoming challenges than his brother, his
mother leaves him with full responsibility. Their plan is to try and make their way through to Lithuania, where some farmers are well inclined towards tending for German children. Being on the run to find a new home, the two brothers are attacked and have to go their separate ways to escape. An odyssey begins when Hans, driven by the search for his brother, joins a group of children. Together they fight against starvation, weather and diseases in a foreign country for survival.


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Wednesday 12th November
Girne Lemar Cineplex
Friday 7th November
Goethe Institute
Saturday 8th November
Mağusa Lemar Cineplex